Wi-Fi driver


Wi-Fi is one of the most sought after features in embedded development.
However, the difficulty of development is high due to the peculiarity of the technology, and there are many cases where many troubles have occurred because it was easily incorporated.
Many Wi-Fi module vendors provide drivers under typical OS environments, but they are positioned as samples and references only, and we do not guarantee the operation in the customer environment.

The "Wi-Fi support service" will support all the work required in the customer environment based on these sample drivers.
We are proud of our many achievements in Wi-Fi development and have a large number of specialized engineers, so please feel free to contact us.

Porting service

It is a service to port to the customer environment based on the sample driver.

The sample driver was developed to work with a typical OS, revisions that seemed to be the mainstream at that time, and hardware environments that seemed to be in high demand, and the operating environment is specified.
If this content and the environment you are aiming for are the same, there is no need for porting.
However, in many cases, the driver will change in some way, unlike the sample environment.
It is not uncommon to cause major troubles by ignoring it because it is a minor change and completing the installation.

The transplant service fits these together.

Tuning service

It is a service that adds functions and improves the degree of perfection of the driver that has been ported.

Since the sample driver is just a sample driver, it cannot be denied that it may contain a defect.
In such a case, I would like to ask the manufacturer to make a correction, but the reality is that it is often overseas and it is difficult to respond in a timely manner.
Also, since the 802.11 standard is updated daily, there are often functions that are not implemented in the sample driver but exist in the standard and are required.
In addition, there are many requests for speedup due to lack of performance with the sample driver.

The tuning service adds or modifies these functions.

Customization service

We will develop unique functions such as life and death monitoring and unique roaming rules for the wireless LAN driver.

Certification obtaining service


Wi-Fi chip vendor

Supported OS


Service support range for each OS

The area in the red frame is our service support range.