Corporate philosophy

"Aiming for the framework of the Japanese software industry !!"

This is our dream.
The Japanese software industry, which is labor-intensive and has grown to this point, is at a turning point.

"I can make an application, but I don't know the OS. "
"We have experience in embodying customer specifications, but we do not have the ability to identify technology."
"It's good when things are going well, but there's no way to deal with inexperienced obstacles."

Since engineers are mass-produced without a basic technical background, it is not possible to select an appropriate technology, and the current Japanese software industry is surviving daily through socializing sales and customer negotiations.

Is it possible to continue to grow in the 21st century by focusing on cost reduction and sales force?
Today, when customers start learning systems, it's not easy.
It is no wonder that the industry itself has been robbed by foreign countries with low labor costs, and that the United States, which is sensitive to technological trends, has taken the initiative.

Against this background, we aims to be a thorough technology group and always strives to deliver the optimum technology to our customers.
It is customers job to communicate requirements correctly.
We hope that we will provide the technology that meets the requirements and help you create your system.

Right now, we are struggling with our customers to provide "components," "device drivers," and "networks," which are the backbone of the system, and we are devoting ourselves to development that supports software.

Product development

About product development

We develops various products based on "CONNECT".
All of them aim to run on various OSs (Linux / Android / RTOS etc.) so that they can be used in embedded development, and realize all kinds of CONNECT such as Wi-Fi, BT, NFC, Ethernet.

Contract development

We provide the most suitable driver for hardware by contract development.
What is important in embedded development is drivers that accurately control the hardware.
We provide these drivers by contract development.
From proposal to development, verification, and actual machine maintenance.
Please use the optimal contract development according to the product development life cycle.

Recent development achievements

Various RTOS drivers
Prototype development

Main client

Wi-Fi business partners

Business partners other than Wi-Fi

company overview

Company name
Zip: 168-0074
1-8-17 Kamitakaido, Suginami-ku, Tokyo Bright Core Building New Building 5F
TEL: +81-3-3290-0806 (Representative)
FAX: +81-3-3290-0756

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Hideya Takane
February 20, 1990
20 million yen
Major banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Sasazuka Branch, Showa Shinkin Bank Hachimanyama Branch
Main business
  • Wireless LAN, BT, NFC contract development for various OS
  • Wi-Fi solution product development
  • Device drivers for various operating systems such as Windows, Linux and RTOS
  • Port development of various OS such as Linux and RTOS
  • Network design and consultant